Sunday 4 December 2016
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Who is spying on you? What Yahoo hack taught us about Facebook, Google and WhatsApp

Who is spying on you? Yahoo would sure like to forget 2016. A string of misguided moves has led what once was considered the king of the...


Facebook wins ‘privacy villain of the year’ award

Photo via Alessio Jacona/Flickr (CC-BY-SA) Everyone knows revealing personal information is built into Facebook’s business model, but...


3 Major Social Media Changes (That You Should Know)

Recently, Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp made some pretty disappointing changes to their terms and conditions, guidelines and features. If...


Why MeWe is Changing Up the Social Scene

Let’s be real: we all want to present our best selves online and with little effort. With so many social networks becoming mandatory...


WhatsApp’s ‘remarkable sellout’ – what changes mean for users and alternative apps

Whatsapp is in the spotlight again Are you a WhatsApp user? Feeling betrayed? We have seen this time and time again. In this case, it’s a...


Edward Snowden: Time To Come Home

With the arrival of September comes the official kickoff of Oscar season. One of the early films gaining buzz is Oliver Stone’s Snowden....


5 easy and simple ways to protect your privacy online – how to prepare for the next big threat

Follow these simple and easy steps If there’s one thing everyone wants to protect it’s their privacy and information online....


Microsoft/LinkedIn Discard Privacy in Remarkable Merger

The announcement that Microsoft is acquiring LinkedIn makes good business sense for Microsoft. This gives Microsoft direct access to...


Facebook’s Political Censorship Interferes With Our “First-Rate Intelligence”

F. Scott Fitzgerald famously stated “the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same...


Are Microsoft and Apple Defending Our Constitution?

Remember King George III? If not, thanks to Broadway, we can stream his tunes on the sublime “Hamilton“ soundtrack for a little recall....