Tuesday 20 March 2018
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Starting now through New Years, MeWe is launching a viral campaign: “2016 Year in Review: Top 10 Ways You Lost Your Privacy” (#WORSTyear4privacy) and we need your help!

2016 was truly the WORST year for personal privacy – OMG! With everything ranging from WhatsApp tracking everyone; Uber spying on you when you’re not in the car; Android giving China a data “backdoor”; SnapChat’s new Glasses; and Facebook . . . !

Help us spread the word on social media and empower people to take action, as all these examples highlight that this is truly MeWe’s time.


Below you will find all the suggested Facebook and Twitter copy (for you to post), and the important hashtag #WORSTyear4privacy. We would love you to post now through New Year’s, starting right away.  And feel free to post multiple times. Invite as many friends as you can to join our cause and help spread the message!  We must amplify our voices in order to preserve our rights to free speech and digital privacy!

Thank you for helping us launch the MeWe revolution!

If you have a Twitter account, post these Tweets as often as you like  (at least once a day) starting Monday, December 19th. You are also welcome to Re-Tweet MeWe’s Tweets about the campaign, too!

1. 2016 will go down as the #WORSTyear4privacy & security…don’t believe me? Here’s why: @mewe

2.  .@Facebook, @Android, @snapchat, @whatsapp: all had huge implications for our privacy read how: #WORSTyear4privacy

3.  .@Uber @Snapchat @google @android: all made the list for the #WORSTyear4privacy. 2016, you won’t be missed:

4.  #FakeNews, #censorship & gov surveillance, oh my! See why 2016 was the #WORSTyear4privacy & security:

5.  2016 became was the year it was ‘ok’ for the gov 2 monitor your convos @Facebook: #WORSTyear4privacy

6. 2016 was the #WORSTyear4privacy and I am not going to take it!  Join me in sharing just how bad it was:


If you use Facebook (we won’t hold it against you) please post about this campaign as often as you like! You are  welcome to share MeWe’s posts, too.  PS: This will help get all your Facebook friends over to MeWe.

Copy & Paste this link into your update box:

Then use any of the following text…

1. The list is out: the top 10 reasons why this was the #WORSTyear4privacy. Not surprised that Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Yahoo! and Uber all made the list.

2. 2016 was the #WORSTyear4privacy, and @MeWe is counting down the top 10 worst fails. Find out who is #1, and what that means for you.

3. 2016 was the #WORSTyear4privacy and I am not going to take it!  Join me in sharing just how bad it was!  Share now and spread the word!

4. I’m so over the privacy F’ups of this year. Join me on MeWe, where there is NO permanent record of what you do online, big brother, or surveillance. If you need more reasons, read why 2016 was the #WORSTyear4privacy

And for #4, share your personal invite link! Don’t remember how to find it? Watch our video.

Happy Holidays! Together, we’re changing the world!

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