Tuesday 20 March 2018
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3 Major Social Media Changes (That You Should Know)

socialRecently, Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp made some pretty disappointing changes to their terms and conditions, guidelines and features. If you haven’t heard already, here’s what happened and why you should care (even if they’re not your go-to social apps):

1. Facebook received a ton of backlash for suppressing conservative news in its trending widget, and responded by replacing their team of curators with an algorithm. The whole point was to avoid bias which went from being human to clickbait, and now means articles will still be biased and/or fake. So think twice before you share that article.

2. YouTube is limiting its creators by setting stricter content guidelines. If their videos aren’t considered “advertiser-friendly” (basically kid-friendly), they can’t make money- which is their livelihoods. Say ‘goodbye’ to the real and outspoken creators you know and love and ‘hello’ to the G-rated versions.

3. WhatsApp will now share your personal information, and who you’re talking to with Facebook. Facebook users are already creeped out by who ends up under “People You Might Know,” and now it’s about to get creepier considering how much more data they’ll have on you (i.e. an old stalker can easily find your new Facebook account. Yikes).

The old saying is true: if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product. That’s why new social networks have popped up and are spreading like wildfire. At MeWe, we gives ours users complete control over what they want to see, freedom to be who they want, and simple privacy settings (which don’t involve sharing your personal information with third-parties). Check us out on desktop, Apple Store or Google Play.

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