Tuesday 19 September 2017
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Simple Steps to Creating a Sgrouples Group

You have an empty dashboard and now you want to start harnessing the power of Sgrouples! Well, here’s how to do that.

Start by creating a series of private Sgrouples groups for the people you truly know. Create groups for your family, friends, co-workers…anyone with whom you regularly communicate. And no one outside the boundaries of each group can see inside. Once you’ve created a few groups, they will appear as a color-coded list under the “Create New Group” button.

All you really need to create a group is a name, but use the following 6 steps to learn how to fully complete the group creation process:

  1. Choose a Name & Color
  2. Specify Type & Email
  3. Invite Members
  4. Add a Photo
  5. Add a Description
  6. Set Group Settings, Preferences, & Permissions

1. Choosing a Name & Color

Near the upper left-hand corner of your dashboard, you should see a button that says “Create New Group.” Give it a click and a new window pops up with two tabs: “Choose a name” and “Specify type & email.”

Create New Group

Create a Group

Choose a name allows you to name your Sgrouples group and pick a color. You probably want to give it a name pertaining to what kind of group you want to make: Smith family, Swim Club, Marketing Team…It’s your call!

Once you’ve done that, you can move your cursor over the various color choices to preview what they all look like and pick your favorite. The important thing about these colors is that each of your Sgrouples groups will be coordinated to the color you choose. When you have more than one, you will be able to browse content and know instantly which of your groups it came from.

2. Specify Type & Email

Go ahead and click on the second tab: “Specify type & email.”

Specify Type & Email

This is all about categorizing the group you’re creating. Your options include such “Types” as “Academic,” “Community,” “Co-workers,” “Family,” “Friends,” “Hobby,” “Sports Team,” “Other,” and much, much more!

This is also where you can customize your group’s email address. Each group has an “” address that you can use to send posts and pictures directly to your group’s feed.

After deciding on an email address, you have two options: You can simply “Create Group” or “Create Group & Invite Members” with the buttons near the bottom right-hand corner of the window. For the purposes of this guide, let’s go ahead and click the latter.

3. Invite Members

You might be thinking that it’s time to get others involved. Take a moment to decide who you want to join the party, and give it a click. Soon you will be taken to a new window asking you to “Invite People.”

Invite People to Join

Here, you have four options – four different ways you can invite people to join your Sgrouples group: Invite by Email Address, Invite from Facebook, Invite from My Groups/Contacts, and Invite From Address Books.

Read about your options HERE!

Once you have selected everyone you want to include, click “Send Invitations.” And congratulations! You are now becoming connected with the people you truly care about in your own private network.

Invited members will be able to preview a group with limited permissions before joining.

Preview Group

And your invited members will be viewable in two places:

Within each group’s page (under “Groups” in the Main Tabs), there is a list of “Group Members” to the right-hand side. Invited members will appear, as well as members who have accepted invitations. You’ll notice you can also “Invite Members” with the button at the top of this list.

Invited Members in Group Members

You can also view members of your group in “My Contacts.” A contact is someone with whom you connect on Sgrouples, and they’re viewable through a filter that divides them by group.

Invited Members in My Contacts

4. Add a Photo

Each Sgrouples group gets its own group photo. Go ahead and open your group in the “Groups” tab by clicking it in the list to the upper-left hand corner of your dashboard.

Groups List

Now you will see a blank box in the upper-right hand corner of your dashboard that says “Click to add a photo for the group.” Go ahead and click as it says and you will be prompted with a way to “Upload” a photo from your computer. Once you pick out something to your liking, click “Save

Sgrouples Group Picture

And this photo doesn’t even have to be the photo that all group members use to signify the group! Once joining the group, everyone can pick out their own group photo and upload it. Your mom may want to stare at your baby pictures whenever she clicks on your “Family” group, but you just want last year’s holiday photo.

5. Add a Description

Now, find the text underneath your Sgrouple group’s name that reads “This Sgrouple’s description will appear here” and click “Edit” to add a description.

Add a Description

Take a moment to write something about the group that you’ve just created! This can be a funny quote or saying, a mission statement, or even just what it claims to be – a description of the group.

Sgrouples Group Description Finished

You should also see that underneath this is the Sgrouples group’s email address for all members to easily access.

5. Set Group Settings, Preferences, & Permissions

Just underneath the post bar in your new group’s page are the options to adjust “Group Settings,” “Preferences,” and “Permissions.”

Group Settings is only available to the group administrator (or person who created the group). This allows you to edit all the basic information and functions associated with this group, and add an administrator if you would like.

Group Settings

Preferences is where you can select how you want to be informed of the various things that go on in this group.


And Permissions allows you to view the permissions given to you by the administrator and adjust who in the group has access to the content you post under “My Permissions.” If you are the administrator, you will also see a tab called “Group Permissions” that lets you choose what group members are allowed to do.


There you have it! You can go back and make changes to anything you’ve done at any point in your Sgrouples experience.

Enjoy your new group and refer to our User Guide for information on more Sgrouples features!