Friday 20 October 2017
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Direct Messages

Sometimes you don’t want to talk to someone in a group…In fact, sometimes you might want to talk privately with someone one-on-one. Or even create a thread between several people.

That is why you can send messages to people with Sgrouples Direct Messages!

In this post, you will learn about the following:

Accessing the Direct Messages Feature

Starting a Conversation

Answering a Message

Notification Preferences

Accessing the Direct Messages Feature

The “Direct Messages” tab is located in the middle of the main tabs.

Direct Messages Tab

You will also be able to access your Direct Messages in your “What’s New” and “My Cloud” feeds, where they show up.

And you can send anyone a Direct Message using the “Send a Message” button near their name.

This is available in “My Contacts:”

Send a Message My ContactsType Message My Contacts

And also whenever you click on someone’s under “Group Members” to get their “Contact Info:”

Group MembersMessage Though Group Members

Starting a Conversation

Using any of the above methods, you will be prompted with an empty box in which you can write your message. But with the “Direct Messages” tab, you will have to select your conversation partner(s) first.

Go ahead and select the “New Message” button in the upper-left hand corner of the page. You should see an empty bar with a button titled “Choose Members.”

Choose Members

Note: at this point, you can also choose “Back to Messages” to return to the “Direct Messages” homepage – a list of all of your Direct Messages.

Now you can enter the names of one or more people with whom you connect on Sgrouples. Type a name and a menu will pop up prompting you with Sgrouples connections that fit that name.

Select your contact(s) here or click “Choose Members” to be taken to a screen that will let you “Select users” not unlike your “My Contacts” page.

Read more about My Contacts HERE!

Select Users

Once you have selected, proceed to type an opening message in the space below. You also have the option to “Attach a Photo/Doc” if you are in the middle of a collaboration. Attach multiple files if you would like! And they are only available to the person to whom you sent them and your My Cloud.

Read more about our Editable Documents feature HERE!

Read more about My Cloud HERE!

Sending a Message

When you have finished, click “Send Message” and your Direct Messages homepage will change to show that your Direct Message has been sent.

Message Sent

You will be presented with a grid that shows whether or not there is an attachment with the message (paper clip icon), whether or not there has been a reply, the name of your contact, the text that you sent, the date that it was sent, and whether or not it has been flagged.

In the “Actions” column, you can click the star icon to keep a message marked as “new,” click on the flag icon to set a flag, or click on the “X” to delete the message.

Answering a Message

If someone else sends you a message, you will notice a small red “(1)” next to the words “Direct Messages” in the corresponding tab. Open the tab, and you will see new text under the “Message” column.

New Message

Click within any column in that row to see your entire conversation’s thread.

Conversation Thread

Here, you have several options: you can go back to your messages grid with the “Back to Messages” button,  start an entirely new thread with the “New Message” button, delete the conversation with the “Delete Conversation” button, or reply to the message below the thread.

Type your new message where it says “Reply Message,” and again, you have the option to attach a file. Click “Reply” and your conversation is up and running!

These conversations are completely private. Sgrouples is all about facilitating conversations the way you want to communicate.

Notification Preferences

The “Notification Preferences” button in the upper right-hand corner of your Direct Messages homepage will allow you to pick whether or not you would like to receive a notification every time someone send you a message.

Notification Preferences

So use Direct Messages to talk to people inside and outside of your Sgrouples groups. Sometimes there just aren’t things you want to say to everyone.