Tuesday 19 September 2017
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MeWe for Family

Face it – when it comes to social media, you do want to stay in touch with your family. No matter how many sappy messages you get, no matter how many invitations to your second cousin’s dance recital you receive…these are still the people you love.


MeWe is the perfect platform for connecting with family!


To start, make MeWe groups for your immediate and extended family. This way, you can share private content with your parents, children, or siblings, and then also keep the other people in your life updated. Not to mention the fact that the contacts in each of your Sgrouples groups can’t see what has been posted in one another. Share your indiscretions with your friends…We all have them. And your family won’t know!

With the posts you can make to your groups, plus the ability to contact people one-on-one or in private threads through Direct Messaging, discussing family news is as easy as real-life conversation.

Use the Discussions feature to post links to your favorite fun websites and YouTube videos, the colleges your children are looking at, or the concert you’re hoping your mom will let you attend.

You can upload photos of your children for your family to see knowing that they are away from the eyes of Internet predators. Or even share pictures of your life away from home.

With the Editable Documents feature, you can upload and collaborate on documents and spreadsheets. Share the essay you’re working on with someone who might be able to help or map out an itinerary for your next family reunion.

And with Sgrouples and your Events Calendar, it’s easy to plan each and every family event while managing your own personal calendar. Let everyone know when you’re going to be in town or make sure family dinner doesn’t clash with the movie you promised to go see.

Sign your family up today and start optimizing your communication online.

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