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Feb 22 2015 – MeWe CEO Interviewed in FORBES; Speaks to Canadians at the 16 Annual Privacy & Security Conference

Hi MeWe/Sgrouples Friends and Champions,

Exciting times are upon us! From a great FORBES interview to sweet improvements on our mobile and desktop platforms, MeWe continues to rapidly prepare for its marketing launch. We are winning accolades as the “one to watch”, our CEO is speaking at important conferences, his HuffPost column is brimming, and MeWe servers are now offshore. Viva la Revolution! Here is your update:


The Privacy Revolution & MeWe in FORBES!

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Recently, FORBES contributor writer Cheryl Conner interviewed MeWe Founder and CEO, Mark Weinstein. In the article, Conner also discusses the privacy stances of Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, and MeWe Advisor Tim Berners-Lee, Founder of the World Wide Web.

Mark is quoted several times, including this comment “From secret subject testing and facial recognition technology to data mining, curating your feeds, and tracking you at 1,205 sites, Facebook has entirely overstepped the boundaries of good taste, safety, and privacy.”

In the article Conner had a lot to say about the coming age of privacy as a unique selling proposition: “Marketers, are you listening? As privacy becomes a marketing proposition, the ability to protect and assure private use and greater user controls is a selling proposition with new viability. Consumers are learning which companies can offer the privacy and safety they seek. Companies that deliver will gain increasing opportunity to command large adoption and significant growth.”

CLICK HERE to read Mark’s interview in FORBES


MeWe with Twitter, Facebook, and Google at the 2015 Privacy & Security Conference in Canada

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On February 11-13, MeWe CEO, Mark Weinstein attended the 16th Annual Privacy & Security Conference in Victoria, British Columbia. Besides the Moderator, Michael O’Shaughnessy, there were 4 people were on the panel:

Kevin Chan
Head of Public Policy, Facebook Canada

Steve Ladurantaye
Head of News & Government Partnerships, Twitter Canada

Colin McKay
Head of Public Policy & Government Relations, Google Canada

Mark Weinstein
Founder & CEO, MeWe

There were some nice tweets immediately after Mark’s appearance, including this one:
@mewe Great panel with Mark Weinstein on digital diplomacy. Would be great to share your platform at #SMCamp in May


Data Privacy Day, The FTC, MeWe on HUFFPO


Data Privacy Day was January 28 and on that day our CEO attended the DPD Town Hall in Mountain View, CA, where he had the opportunity to meet Terrell McSweeney, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Laura Berger (Sr. Attorney, Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, FTC). In November Mark met FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez at the Privacy Identity Innovation conference in Palo Alto, CA. MeWe appreciates the important work of the FTC in safeguarding the privacy rights of Americans. Their important work has included exposing the fraudulent privacy claims of SnapChat, PATH, and TRUSTe.

Coordinating with Data Privacy Day, Mark wrote the following two blogs on his popular HUFFPO Blog, simply click and enjoy!

7 Cool Ways to Have Fun Online While Protecting Your Privacy

Verizon’s Super-Cookies Are Spying on You Right Now


MeWe’s Servers/Hosting Is Now 100% Offshore


Addressing concerns of web users the world over, MeWe has completed its initiative to relocate its server infrastructure outside of United States territories. This milestone was required by market demands of all international markets that MeWe is preparing to serve, from Europe to China. In the aftermath of the revelations about the extensive NSA spying, consumers in these markets are demanding that companies they patronize operate their servers outside of the USA.

MeWe is already leading the world with its next-generation communication features engineered under the guiding philosophy of “Privacy by Design” (PbD). Now the company stands proudly by its new server infrastructure as the next pinnacle in protecting its members and their data.


WebbMedia Group: MeWe is “One to Watch” in 2015

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MeWe has officially been listed as the “one to watch” by leading digital strategist, WebbMedia Group, in their just released Tech Trends Report for 2015. The report is used to advise Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies and the wider public. MeWe is the only social/private network in the report to receive this important selection.

To view the report (we’re on slide 13 along with a pic of our iOS app), click here: WebbMedia Group 2015 Tech Trends Report


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MeWe puts fun, safety, and control into social media. This is MeWe. My World. My Way.

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