Tuesday 19 September 2017
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MeWe for Greek Life

Testimonial from a Greek Student

We’ve all seen chick flicks like Legally Blonde with seemingly exaggerated versions of sorority queens. While not all female Greek life is a whirlwind of pink, sparkles, and chihuahuas, there is some truth to these portrayals. Remember when Elle Woods bumps into a Delta Nu sister and they start doing their secret sorority handshake? Those handshakes actually exist – along with a ton of other confidential aspects that have been passed down through generations.

Now let’s face it, technology is advancing and Greek life is growing. And when sorority chapters need a social network to discuss and practice these special traditions online, they’re not getting the privacy they need. Greek chapters need to keep their initiation plans, chapter meeting discussions, and ritual requirements secret to the world. But they need to do this while still sharing all that information with members on campus, in their region, and even nationally.

With complete privacy and specific internal, personalized groups, MeWe is the perfect place for Greek life to reside online.

Today, chapters can share documentspicturescalendarseventsand links with each other and their advisors. Have a new idea to raise money for your philanthropy? Let all your sisters, or brothers, know with Sgrouples! Nobody else can find your information, because it’s completely private and you decide with whom you want to connect..

Soon Sgrouples will have videos, games, apps, and music for Greek chapters to share with their members and expand their legacies. Can you imagine discussing cute t-shirt designs with sisters in Georgia? Or going over recruitment plans with Formal Recruitment Chairs in New York? The possibilities are endless and MeWe is here to make them happen.

Now what happens when you’ve graduated college and are no longer planning your formals or raising money for your philanthropy? Well, it’s simple. All Greeks know that once you’re an Alpha Delta Pi or a Sigma Chi – wherever you find yourself settling down –  you’re one for life. Sisters and brothers can easily keep in touch with each other after graduation with Sgrouples. There can be a group for your specific pledge class, your graduating class…Create a group for chapter members who are entrepreneurs, artists, bloggers, and more! Anything you want to do with your Greek life, you can do through Sgrouples.

MeWe is here for Greek chapters all across the nation to make your sisterhood strong, your brotherhood unbreakable, and your chapter memories last!


Make a MeWe group for your local chapter, and then a second to connect with your brothers and sisters around the country.

With the posts you can make to your groups, plus the ability to contact people one-on-one or in private threads through Direct Messaging, discussing the latest news or gossip on campus is as easy as talking in person.

Use the Discussions feature to post links to websites you find amusing, to news stories about your school or other Greek chapters, to fun party-planning tips or tricks, and more.

You can upload photos of all of the fun events you plan, or even your sisters or brothers during a typical night at the house.

With Editable Documents, you can share and collaborate on flyer designs, recruitment and philanthropy plans, school projects, or even spreadsheets containing recent finances. You can also attach documents to Direct Messages to share privately with one or a few of your sisters or brothers.

And with Sgrouples and your Events Calendar, it’s easy to plan your entire Greek house’s schedule, while also maintaining your own schedule. Create a new group for each party or event and plan away!

Sign your chapter up today and start optimizing your Greek Life online, all in one place.

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