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Mar 29 2015 – MeWe News Brief: Newly Published Interviews, Recent Keynotes, Revolutionizing Communication Technology & Privacy

Dear MeWe/Sgrouples Friends and Champions,

Check out the stories and updates below! Every day there are shocking and remarkable news reports about privacy violations, from class action lawsuits against Facebook to corporate hacks to newly unveiled government infringements. MeWe is coming to the rescue. We are rapidly iterating, making MeWe brilliant, fun, and simple to use, as we prepare for our brand awareness marketing launch in late spring. In the meantime, come on board now. You can easily move your family, friends, and Facebook content to MeWe today. Viva la Revolution!

Here’s the news:


Remarkable Blog Causes 25,000 New MeWe Registrations


In an eye-opening expose of Facebook’s real policies and practices, Megan Heimer, a popular lifestyle and mommy blogger, posted a hair-rasing blog at her site. Megan begins with the following: “We need to talk. You might want close the door to your office, hide in the bathroom from your kids, and click the “do not disturb” setting on your iPhone. You’re going to want to grasp every word I am about to tell you. You’re going to get mad, you’re going to feel violated, and you’re going to want to do something about it.”


Why You Should Kick Facebook to the Curb (and Where You Should Go Instead)


Mark Calls For Integrity-Guided Technology During Canadian Keynote


Last week, MeWe CEO, Mark Weinstein, was the keynote at the BSides Vancouver Conference where he spoke to technology professionals, privacy and security executives, entrepreneurs and engineers. Mark talked about how to guide the future of tech, and the call for a Web Privacy Magna Carta by MeWe Advisor and World Wide Web Founder, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Here is a link to the recorded live stream on YouTube. Mark comes on at 16:50. Fast forward towards the second half too, the Q & A and feedback were excellent.

Cue up to 16:50 and start from there:

Mark Weinstein Keynote in Vancouver, March 17, 2015


InfoSecurity Magazine on Facebook’s Latest Creepy Privacy Snafu

unnamed (1)

Facebook already tracks us at 1,205 of the top 2,510 most popular sites in North America (as reported by the Wall Street Journal), and now, in a sweeping disregard of the Federal Trade Commission, Facebook has made changes to their privacy stance so they can go deeper than ever mining data on WhatsApp and Instagram.

Of note, this expands the opportunity for the privacy revolution, as Mark states in the article that “Egregious billionaire egos and blatant disregard of common decency are providing a major opportunity for new companies run ethically and with respect for privacy . . .”

Read this jaw-dropping InfoSecurity Magazine article by Mark Weinstein:

Facebook Expertly Increases Its Data Stash

thinlinetealv3 Interviews MeWe: How To Improve Corporate Hack Protection

unnamed (2) published an interview featuring Mark Weinstein last week, highlighting MeWe CEO’s take on recent corporate hacks and how to better prepare.

“Sometimes executives believe that if they’ve hired a few people, they’ve solved their vulnerability problem. But it’s more complex than that — landing the talent’s only half of the equation. It’s about continuing education and training for that talent; defending budgets for conference attendance, educational courses and workshops. What your talent locked down and secured for you last year could be vulnerable this year. It’s about more than just salary, it’s a continuous investment into the best weapon you’ve got — the brains behind the technology,” says Weinstein.

Read the informative article and apply its suggestions for your organization:

Don’t overlook your biggest security flaw — your talent


WebbMedia Group: MeWe is the “One to Watch” in 2015

unnamed (3)

MeWe has officially been listed as the “one to watch” by leading digital strategist, WebbMedia Group, in their just released Tech Trends Report for 2015. The report is used to advise Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies and the wider public. MeWe is the only social/private network in the report to receive this important selection.

To view the report (we’re on slide 13 along with a pic of our iOS app), click here:

WebbMedia Group 2015 Tech Trends Report


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