Wednesday 21 February 2018
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MeWe’s New Disappearing Content: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

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Your MeWe experience just got a whole lot cooler. We’re always looking for cutting edge ways to feature the latest technology while preserving your privacy and this week, we revolutionized the scene by introducing “disappearing content” for our MeWe IOS and Android apps.

With disappearing content, you can take a animated picture of whatever it is you’re into, send it to your closest friend, and it will disappear after they see it or within 24 hours (whichever comes first). You can now officially share your deepest secrets or insanely hilarious moments and never worry about where your picture will end up. With anything that “disappears” online, there are important caveats – so be sure to check our Privacy Policy.

If you’re new to disappearing content, don’t be overwhelmed. As always, we’re here to walk you through it because we’d hate for you to miss out on one of our best features and we want you to be up to speed with everyone in your social circle.

The Two-Minute Walk-Through

Using the new disappearing content feature is very simple: First, open your MeWe app, go to My Chats, and choose the contact you want to chat with. Next, you’ll see a helpful screen that pops up, like this:


This mini-tutorial clues you into the new options you see at the bottom of your screen: “Me” and “We.” To take an animated picture of your morning bedhead, insatiable smile, or that big chunk of broccoli you have in your teeth, press “Me.”

Press “We” if you want to take an animated picture of whatever is going on around you, like your professor’s horrible choice of tie, the off-the-chain party you’re at, or the awesome sunset your other half is missing out on. This picture will show up in your chosen contact’s chat box and as soon as they view it, “poof” it’s gone. They can’t share it. Can’t re-watch it, and can’t unsee what they’ve seen.

If you have second thoughts about sending that attractive picture of the food in your teeth, press the “X” button after taking the picture to cancel the send or just tell your friend to stay off of chat for 24 hours and you can rest-assured they will never see it. Your secret is safe with you.

It’s All About You

At MeWe, we want to give you the freedom to be and share the real you, while giving you the safety and privacy you deserve. Disappearing content is yet another way you can show your uncensored self online to the people who matter most, knowing that nobody is sitting in on your content but you and the people you choose.

We Want to Hear From You!

We hope you enjoy the improvements we’ve made to group creation! Keep the feedback coming by emailing us at or click on “feedback” inside the website or app.

Let’s MeWe!

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