Friday 20 October 2017
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Your Personal Storage: My Cloud™

These days it seems like so much that matters to us is held in our computers. The possibility of losing it all in a dreaded crash is almost unbearable.

Luckily, Sgrouples has a feature called “My Cloud™” with 4 gigabytes of storage space for free!

Everything you post, from fun links to photos to documents – they’re all conveniently saved for you.

In this post, you will learn about the following:

Accessing the My Cloud Feature

Your 4 GB of Storage Space

All My Posts





Deleting Content From Your Networks

Accessing the My Cloud Feature

The “My Cloud” tab is located at the very end of the Main Tabs.

My Cloud Tab

A color-coded list of all of the posts from your private Sgrouples groups, plus your Social Networks (If you’ve chosen to connect them), and your Direct Messages will fill your screen in this tab. (But note that you cannot comment on, Like/Love, share, or categorize a Direct Message.)

Read more about connecting to your Social Networks HERE!

Read more about Direct Messages HERE!

On the top is a post bar, with which you can add content to your networks and your 4 GB of free storage space. And under the post bar is a filter that will allow you to view your content through “All My Posts,” “Photos,” “Events,” “Discussions,” andDocuments,”…all of which you will read about in the remainder of this post.

To the right is “My Contacts,” a searchable list of everyone with whom you connect on Sgrouples. And your contacts don’t have to be in any of your Sgrouples groups!

Read more about My Contacts HERE!

You 4 GB of Storage Space

Beneath “My Contacts” to the right-hand side of your “My Cloud” page is a Storage Meter showing how much of your allotted 4 GB you have used. Clicking on “Need more space” will explain to you how you can go about acquiring more storage if need be.

Need More Space?

All My Posts

This is where you can take a look at all of your most recent activity: tweets, Facebook status updates, and posts to Sgrouples groups containing photos, links, etc…

All My Posts

You can Comment,” “Share,” “Categorize,” and “Remove” posts.

Read more about these features HERE!


Here you will see all of the photos you post organized into “My Albums” and “My Photos.”

Photos in My Cloud

And you can also add to this list by posting photos directly to My Cloud with “Create Album” and “Upload Pictures.”

Underneath each individual photo, you again have the option of sharing content with other Sgrouples connections using the linked square icon, and deleting contentfrom My Cloud using the “X” icon.

Read more about our Photos feature HERE!


Here, you see your Sgrouples calendar.

Events in My Cloud

With “All Calendars,” you can manage the events of people from all of your networks (Sgrouples groups plus Facebook). If there is a check mark next to a Sgrouples group, it will show up on the calendar below. And you can choose to view your calendar in a “Month,” “Week,” “Day,” or “List” format.

And with “My Personal Calendar,” you view all of the events you’ve created and the events to which you’ve accepted an invitation.

You can post directly to your calendar from this feature via the “Create Event” button.

Clicking on a specific event will bring up a new box and give you the option to edit an event’s information with the pencil icon, share an event with other Sgrouples connections with the linked squares icon, categorize an event with the gift tag icon, or delete an event from the corresponding group with the “X” icon.

Read more about your Events Calendar HERE!


This is the content you’ve shared from outside Sgrouples.

Discussions in My Cloud

Each “Discussion” has a title and you can sort them by that title or by “Recent Activity.”

You can also “Add a New Topic” or reply to an existing topic.

Read more about Discussions HERE!


Here you can view all of the documents you have posted to your networks and you can “Upload Doc” or “Create Doc” with the corresponding buttons.

Documents in My Cloud

Next to each uploaded document, there are buttons allowing you to Comment,Download, or Share. You can also click on the document name or the logo listed under “Type” to download.

And “Filter Options” will let you filter according to “Category,” “Type,” “Date,” “File Size,” and “Doc Owner.”

Read more about the Editable Docs feature HERE!

Deleting Content from Your Networks

One of the most powerful features of My Cloud is the ability to delete content. Click that “X” next to any post and you will be prompted with a box asking you from which of your networks you would like to eliminate it. Check mark the networks you desire, click “delete” and it will be gone.

Remove Content from My Cloud

It doesn’t go to some secret database…It is completely wiped from the web. Quick and easy!

And that’s My Cloud! An easy-to-use feature that stores and organizes everything you post. And again, you get 4 gigabytes of storage for free. So keep posting to your heart’s desire!