Tuesday 19 September 2017
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MeWe for Homeschooling

Testimonial From a Homeschooling Mom

The composition of a child’s education can be a tough decision for us parents. Today, we seek a safe environment where a child can excel and grow, and many families are turning to privately educating their kids at home.

But homeschooling is not the picture of isolation that many people imagine when they hear the word. There are many groups within different counties or cities that get together for field trips, shared lessons, and even for P.E. classes.

These groups seek privacy from intruding eyes. MeWe is a great place for homeschooling groups to find this and fellowship they are looking for.

A private group at MeWe can function as a place to set up events with a shared calendar. Members are able to RSVP and comment about planned events. This way, no one outside your homeschooling circle will know where you are and when. We as parents are always searching for more ways to keep on top of things without putting ourselves and our children at risk.

Another great function of the calendar is the ability to organize your weekly or monthly lesson plan. You can opt to share with your fellow MeWe group (also known as a Sgrouple) members or keep it to yourself. The MeWe calendar gives you the versatility to organize, discuss what plans are most effective, and work together as a group in facilitating your children’s education.

Additionally, the members of your Sgrouple can post helpful links they have come across. This application will enhance your home education program and the group’s knowledge as a whole. The ready access and open dialogs can help alleviate the feeling of isolation some homeschool families may have.

MeWe lets you privately communicate your curriculum and the content of your handouts through the document feature. You might have a great math worksheet you’ve been promising to show people. Or let’s say you have pictures of craft projects or old group trips that you feel work in your MeWe community – Just upload them! And you have the control to share it with whomever ever you want.

And MeWe will soon be offering video upload. Once live, you can share those language tutorials you’re constantly talking about. The best part is you own and control all the content you post and upload. You decide who gets to see what.

MeWe not only creates and facilitates a community but gives you the ability to enhance your child’s education. You can allow them to simultaneously learn the tools of the future while being mentored on how to develop and nurture a secure social media presence, blog with a personally picked and trusted community, and leapfrog through shared curriculum…The possibilities are yours to create! Through MeWe’s platform of shared content and events, you and your children are able to create a personalized, private, and secure online community that you control.


Make a MeWe group to collaborate with other homeschooling parents.

With the posts you can make to your groups, plus the ability to contact people one-on-one or in private threads through Direct Messaging, discussing the latest parenting and teaching methods is as easy as having a real-life conversation.

Use the Discussions feature to post links to websites with important tips and tricks, influential teachers, fun craft projects, and more.

Perhaps most crucial is that you can upload photos of your children and share their growth without the worry of online predators noticing.

With Editable Documents, you can share and collaborate on lesson plans, homework assignments, and quizzes and tests.

And with MeWe and your Events Calendar, it’s easy to plan and manage each and every event in your child’s life, while also keeping your own schedule. View your calendar through a filter that allows you to view events from each group separately or together. Schedule tests in conjunction with other homeschooling parents, or plan field trips together.

Sign up today and start taking control of your private life and the life of your children.

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