Tuesday 19 September 2017
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MeWe for Parents

Testimonial From a Mom Blogger

A lot of busy moms like me use blogging as a way to express themselves. It allows us to connect with each other, our families, and the outside world – and sometimes we can even make money doing it!

Mom bloggers (and women bloggers in general), are a huge force on the Web. We represent just over 50% of the blogs currently online! In the context of our posts, you may read about our lives, concerns, problems, suggestions, recommendations…just about anything that comes to our hard-working minds. And not only do we provide a lot of information and share stories, but we help people through our words, whether emotionally or promotion-ally. We provide support for new moms and single moms. And as I have already hinted, advertisers love to use us as a means of getting their messages to a target audience.

Yes, we love to broadcast ourselves, but sometimes we also need a place where we can connect with each other and not expose everything to the entire world.Unfortunately, this isn’t easy to do on the more popular social media sites out there. And I’ve also been feeling burned out by the underlying notion that my information is not safe nor private. So I was really happy to find out that there is a platform supporting my wants and needs.

With MeWe, we can have private discussions while simultaneously keeping an eye on Facebook and Twitter. We can chat amongst ourselves, and popularize our blogs with readers!

When you log into MeWe, your page or “dashboard” is totally customizable, allowing you to label private social groups by color and even assign an email address that every member can use.

As you may have guessed, my most-visited groups are the ones in which I can talk to people about my favorite topics. In my group called “Mom Blog Connections,” we share tips and informative links with a core of like minded and talented bloggers. Members can even share draft posts and give feedback using the editable documents feature. We post pictures and stories and make sure they are seen by the most important eyes: the ones we carefully choose.

When you become a parent your instincts heighten and your goal is always to protect your child. We are learning more and more that we have to think carefully before putting something out on the Web. If we want feedback from each other in a safe space before we release our very personal stories to the world in our blogs, we can find that safe space at MeWe.

We also have the option of creating separate groups to connect with each other aboutspecific topics like homeschooling and product reviews. We can talk privately about our concerns and not worry about someone reading our rants in the comments section of an Internet page or on Twitter. No one will ever stumble upon our conversation, and should we choose to delete it from their storage space called “My Cloud,” it’s truly gone. It will never show up in Google or any other Web search.

But MeWe doesn’t just satisfy the Internet savvy part of my brain…It satisfies the hectic part as well. One of the first things I did with my MeWe account was create a group for my family and use the event calendar to organize our schedules. With three busy women (myself, my daughter’s paternal aunt, and grandma) and three busy agendas to juggle, coordinating the summer schedule is complicated.  It helps to have all of our key dates in one place and available to share. We can also update and manage events directly from MeWe. And I can include get-togethers from other MeWe groups consisting of my friends, clubs, and co-workers on the page allowing me to foster completely separate communications! Doesn’t that sound refreshing?

All the while, we bloggers can have our Facebook and Twitter pages geared up in the “Connections” section, ready to send out a blast once our most recent blog posts have been primed and ready.

So if you’re thinking about putting a little online privacy in your life, this is the way to go! MeWe feels this is so integral that they created a “Privacy Bill of Rights” for all to see, right in the middle of their landing page. I think the world is ready for this. I know that my MeWe page is proving to be an important resource for my online life and I appreciate the peace of mind in knowing that my data won’t be compromised.

If you want to follow my story and receive more information about mom bloggers and MeWe, find me @SgrouplesMama!


Make a MeWe group for every faction of your life – your immediate family, your extended family, and the parents of your child’s playmates, classmates, teammates, etc… Not to mention the fact that you sometimes need to get away! Make sure you have groups for your own personal hobbies and friends as well. And none of these groups can see the content posted in another.

With the posts you can make to your groups, plus the ability to contact people one-on-one or in private threads through Direct Messaging, discussing the latest parenting and health news, the best ways to deal with your child’s issues, or simply the morning carpool is as easy as real-life conversation.

Use the Discussions feature to post links to websites with important tips and tricks, schools you’re looking at, and more.

Perhaps most crucial is that you can upload photos of your children and share their growth without the worry of online predators noticing.

With Editable Documents, you can share and collaborate on the homework you’re helping your child understand or the flyer for your neighborhood get-together.

And with MeWe and your Events Calendar, it’s easy to plan and manage each and every event in your child’s life, while also keeping your own schedule. View your calendar through a filter that allows you to view events from each group separately ortogether. Make sure that school play doesn’t clash with your own book club, or view your child’s schedule alone.

Sign up today and start taking control of your private life and the life of your children.

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