Friday 20 October 2017
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MeWe for Personal vs. Professional

Testimonial from a Broadcast Journalist

We’ve all done it. Well, at least most of us…Ignoring that pending friend request from your boss. Or worse – your mom.

Whether you’re a Millennial (like me) or a parent, social media can be a great tool for networking, but it can also be an open forum to air your dirty laundry. Your parents just might see those racy pictures posted on your wall from that party last night, and your boss could catch that angry tweet about yesterday’s board meeting.

As much as we’d love for Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the social media blogosphere to be as personal as we are with our best friends, that’s not the reality we live in. Most of us are working professionals and most of us aren’t BFFs with our co-workers. So how do we compromise between the double, triple, or even quadruple social media lives we all have online?

Well, there’s the “leaving a friend request in Facebook purgatory” option. And then there’s the more drastic prospect of having one profile that your friends alone can see, and another for professional contacts. I’ve worked a bit in the television news industry and let me tell you…When your job requires you to not only have work friends but a veritable fan club, it’s hard to balance either of these options. You want to have an active social media life, but you don’t necessarily want your heaps of admirers knowing every little detail about yourself.

You can post a picture here, but you can’t there; you can tweet that, but not that; you can get tagged on here, but not there. It can be very annoying, not to mention very time-consuming, to sort out which version of yourself is available to certain people.

The good news is that help is on the way – We give you, “MeWe for Personal vs. Professional!”

The beauty of MeWe is that it takes the thinking (and the labor) out of catering to your different social circles.

Not only does MeWe have built-in privacy to keep all of your information neat and tidy, away from prying eyes, but you can create your own MeWe groups, deciding what gets seen and heard by the people involved. You can create one for your family to look at all those awkward baby photos and one for your co-workers to keep things strictly professional and swap work documents.

All of a sudden there’s no more wondering about repercussions! With MeWe, you take the wheel and you steer your own social media voyage. Save yourself the time and the energy that goes into filtering your online presence and invest in something more productive…like embarrassing yourself in real life. ;)


Perhaps the most important feature is the ability to make various MeWe groups for the different factions of your life. Create groups for your personal life – your family, your friends, the people you meet at the bar every Friday night…And then have separate groups for your professional life – your co-workers, your clients, the influential people you meet.

Making posts to your groups facilitates the same kind of private conversation you can have in person. Discuss your friend’s recent romantic escapades in one group and the latest marketing trends and strategies in another, knowing that the people in each group will never have access to each other. And upon creating a post, you get to quickly check-mark the groups in which you want your content to appear. Share your new puppy with you family and friends, but not your co-workers.

Not to mention you have the ability to contact people one-on-one or in private threads through Direct Messaging. This could come in handy if, for example, you want to send a quick message about the brilliant idea you had (and don’t want your co-workers to steal) to a supervisor.

Use the Discussions feature to post links to the websites of places you want to go on a family vacation, news articles that relate to your business, and more.

You can upload photos of yourself with the people you care about as well as your new workspace.

With Editable Documents, you can share and collaborate on party invitations andimportant work documents and spreadsheets.

And with MeWe and your Events Calendar, it’s easy to manage your schedule. View your calendar under a filter that shows one or more of your MeWe groups. Make sure your cousin’s play doesn’t clash with that conference, or simply focus on your work events alone.

The important thing is that you get to decide where your content shows up! Share your indiscretions (after all, no one’s perfect), and then turn around and retain your professional image.

Personal vs. Professional Groups