Tuesday 19 September 2017
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MeWe for Support Groups

Testimonial from a Hyperthyroid Patient

I was 18 years old and about to start my second year of college when I started to feel unusual fatigue and depression. My health problems piled up, but it wasn’t until I was nineteen that I was diagnosed.

I had been noticing symptoms that ranged from the common to the embarrassing, and in order to help myself deal with it all, I did what many other thyroid disease patients do: look to the Internet. All it took was opening up a browser and researching symptoms of thyroid problems to realize that I wasn’t the only one experiencing such a wide range of issues.

Multiple blogs, Facebook groups, and Twitter accounts flashed before my eyes, encouraging people to talk about their individual journeys with hypothyroidism and thyroid cancer. So many have taken to the internet recently to share their stories, commiserate, and seek alternative treatments.

Naturally, after reading so many accounts similar to my own, I myself felt compelled to share. However, something inside of me wanted to refrain. It felt strange typing intimate details about my health on a forum that anyone in the world can read. And ever since I decided not to contribute, I have wondered why others would feel safe sharing such personal medical information online when we take the confidentiality of our health care so seriously offline.

There is a delicate balance between the need to reach out to others who understand you, and the risk you take in doing so.

Groups such as those with hyperthyroidism need a place to discuss what they’re going through without the fear of strangers using their medical histories against them. And this is why MeWe is so great for me.

I can invite specific people to an online group to discuss our problems and share our thoughts in private. And it feels pretty good to have a place to do that.


Make a MeWe group for your support needs and reach out to others in your position.

With the posts you can make to your groups, plus the ability to contact people one-on-one or in private threads through Direct Messaging, discussing your needs and feelings is as easy as a real-life conversation. And everything you express is kept completely within the confines of the MeWe group.

Use the Discussions feature to post links to relevant websites with important tips and tricks, the latest news, and more.

You can upload photos knowing that they will only be seen by friends. No prying eyes will be present to make fun or cause harm.

With Editable Documents, you can share and collaborate on flyers for support meetings, upcoming plans, etc…

And with MeWe and your Events Calendar, it’s easy to manage each and every event in your life. Plan a fundraising event or a simple party to give back to your community.

Sign up today and find a safe, secure place to talk online to like-minded people.

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