Tuesday 20 March 2018
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Spread the Word!

Here are a few simple and easy ways to help spread the word about MeWe while raising awareness about online privacy:

Express yourself

We’ve created an expression so that you can tell the world you are not a product to be sold: two fingers covering both eyes to represent a black censor bar protecting your identity. Take a photo of yourself using the expression and make it your profile photo on other websites to show you’re #NOT4SALE.

Share the #NOT4SALE video

Share our powerful video to help explain to your friends and family what MeWe is and why it’s so important that they join.

Watch the MeWe video

Pass on the MeWe Challenge

Educate your friends and family on which social media websites are stalking them by passing on the MeWe challenge.

Take the MeWe Challenge

Share your personal link

Easily invite your friends and family to join you on MeWe by sharing your personal link with a simple message:

“Join me on Mewe: The revolutionary communication network that connects to your world and never sells you or your data. Let’s MeWe!