Wednesday 21 February 2018
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The New iOS App Will Rock Your World

Hi Awesome MeWe Member,

You gave us your feedback and we did more than listen. We took your input and created the coolest iOS app to date. If you have an iPhone and you haven’t updated your MeWe app in awhile, you’ll want to do it stat, so you can get the hook-up on the latest and greatest iOS features.

Once updated, you can access your “My World,” groups, notifications, and chats in one place. You can check in on your profile info to make sure you sound as cool as you are in real life. You can invite new contacts, search, adjust your settings, and submit feedback. You can even chat it up by clicking on a cool new shortcut that allows you to switch back and forth from your “My World” and chat or privacy mail conversations.

Like driving a new car, the bells and whistles can be a bit overwhelming at first, so let’s take a quick test drive through these features so you can see how cool this new and improved app is for yourself.

Tour the iOS App

When you first sign in to the app, your “My World” is going to pop up with a sweet new display. (It’s completely normal to want to click on everything at once, but resist the urge.) On this screen you can access your contacts, settings, posts, groups, notifications, search, chats, and more.

If you click on the little person icon on the top-left in “My World,” it will take you to a screen that looks like the one below. Here you’ll see a list of your contacts and posts you’ve made, and you’ll have the option to view settings, add more contacts, or search.


If you want to chat it up with your friends, click the “chats” icon on the bottom-right of your “My World.” From here you can see a list of all of your chats, notifications for chats you’ve missed, and can create a new chat with any contact you want. (It’s like text messaging on your phone…only better.) If you want to send a privacy mail, first click on the chat of the person you’d like to message privately.


Then click on the envelop icon at the top-right of the screen, and write away.


Tell Your Friends! 

When we find a good thing, it’s human nature to want to keep it to ourselves, but there’s only one thing better than driving a cool car by yourself, and that’s driving it with someone else. So invite your friends, family, co-workers, and that secret crush you’ve been dying to talk to, so they can go for a spin with the new app too!


We Want to Hear From You!

We hope you enjoy the new features! Keep the feedback coming by emailing us at or click on “feedback” inside the website or app.

Let’s MeWe!

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