Wednesday 21 February 2018
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Update Alert: The BIG Launch and the Latest and Greatest at MeWe


Hey Friends,

Don’t you love when things become officially official? We do. Well, yesterday was that day for MeWe, as we have officially launched! Thank you to all of our awesome members who have given us incredible feedback, allowing us to make this truly the #NextGenSocialNetwork! You can read our awesome press release HERE.

So, what else is happening? A Lot.

Killer Features and Sweet Enhancements

First off, we’ve created some killer features and enhancements, like a bump feature that not only allows you to bump a post to the top of your feed, but to customize it for your Groups and My World, or turn it off entirely.


While you’re customizing your experience, you can turn on/off your notifications for individual posts, organize your pictures in photo albums, take a pic and use a photo filter, turn off group chat and/or delete entire group chat history on desktop, and auto-connect with all of your friends – making it even easier for them to join you here. Our personal favorite? You can now create custom gifs in chat and posts by turning on the gif creator inside the camera on your app!


Let’s not forget the little things that MeWe thinks of that makes us love this social. If you’re scrolling through posts and want to get back to the top, hit the new “back” button to get there. This has to save at least a week’s worth of scrolling per year! Yeah!


We also made some pretty sweet updates to the Android and iOS apps, so if you haven’t already done so, download it or update it to get the latest and greatest, and join the MeWe Universal Group for the step-by-step details.

Who’s on MeWe?

Soon to be everyone. We’ve got the censored, celebrities, and word on the street is that “THE” Noah Cyrus, (Miley’s sis!) joined MeWe too. We are a new kind of social, you know?  Share your personal invite link or QR code and get your friends and family over too. We are #Not4Sale!

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.16.48 AM

Apple vs. The FBI 

Everyone has heard about the federal government’s recent demand that Apple compromise the privacy of their users by ceating a backdoor into the iPhone. MeWe CEO and privacy expert, Mark Weinstein, weighed in on the debate. You can read his article at Huffington Post HERE!

The College Campaign Kick-Off 

This month our MeWe ambassadors hit the pavement at college campuses to spread the word about all things MeWe, and we couldn’t be more proud. So if you get your hands on some “Practice Safe Sharing!” condoms or stickers, share the love and let the world know you are #Not4Sale!

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The SXSW Accelerator  

We’re livin’ it up in Austin at SXSW and their Accelerator is coming up on Saturday! For the latest updates, make sure you’re a member of the MeWe Universal Group, so you can get the latest deets on the MeWe launch. Be sure to follow @mewe on Twitter for fun snaps of the executive team behind the scenes!

Keep it Coming…

As always, we want to hear what YOU have to say! If you have questions or a cool idea on how we can make MeWe better, you can submit feedback anytime by emailing us at or by clicking on “feedback” inside the website or app.

Let’s MeWe!


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